Meet Victoria Mbabazi, the Ugandan Foodpreneur

Meet Victoria Mbabazi, the Ugandan Foodpreneur

Victoria Mbabazi  is a Ugandan Entrepreneur. She studied Software Engineering but had a great passion for food. This passion led her to Kahwa2Go, a restaurant that was birthed from the love for coffee.

Victoria has been involved in a lot of projects. She has mentored various girls through the Resilient Africa Network as well as being involved with the Women In Technology company in Uganda.

Kahwa2Go is a contemporary, quick service, coffee themed café. It’s the best alternative for a quick stop over for a freshly prepared breakfast, lunch or even an evening relaxation meal. The menu is customized to meet the needs of anyone looking for fresh, convenient and personalized meal service. If you ever visit Uganda we recommend that you visit Kahwa2Go.

Our interview with her was extremely insightful, listen here.


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