Business Basics

Aug 2018

Co-Creation Hub, Popularly known as CcHUB recently announced the launch of the Stanbic IBTC Innovation Challenge (#sicc2018), which aims to leverage digital technology, innovation, and expertise outside the traditional financial service providers, to improve efficiencies and capture new opportunities that add value to Stanbic IBTC customers. The challenge is  centered around solving specific problems across various business units within the Stanbic IBTC organization. Submitted solutions should address the specific problem areas which are: efficiency in data collection & analysis, cost-efficiency around card deliveries, and a simplified trading platform. More information can be......

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Jan 2018
How to Use Facebook Ads to Get More Sales for Your Business

Facebook Ads are basically adverts by Facebook that allow you to target your message to the right audience. With the power of Facebook’s algorithm, you can target almost anybody in any part of the world. Facebook has over 1 billion users, so there’s a pretty good chance that a sizeable number of your customers are on the platform. The only challenge with Facebook Ads is that if you don’t know what you are doing, it’s easy to blow your money out the window pretty quickly. That’s why it is......

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Sep 2017
7 Ways to Make Networking your Superpower

I was a guest speaker at an entrepreneurship event on Saturday and I asked the entrepreneurs a question: “Your Funding or Your Network, which is more important?” I would not answer the question now. I will let you decide at the end of this article. Steve Jobs and Steve Woz met a long time ago. Woz was the guy who liked to piece things together to make new stuff for fun. Jobs on the other hand was an innate brand conscious entrepreneur. The two met and created a product.......

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Sep 2017
Your ideas are useless till you share them

O no! He is going to steal my idea! I can’t share it with him. It’s funny how you hear stories of how investors or people made billions from these ideas while the idea generator lived in obscurity but with no obvious example. Young entrepreneurs and business men alike often tell me this when I speak to them. It’s a misconception, a myth. No one knows your idea like you.   It’s not about the idea, it’s all about the implementation. No two people implement the same idea the......

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Aug 2017
To-Do Accountability sheet

To guard against procrastination and effectively manage your time, planning is key. This is why we write To-Do lists. It helps us navigate through the day and keeps us aware of the tasks for the day. This helps us take small steps to achieve bigger goals. You can learn how to set goals here. However, how can we be accountable for taking actions in line with our to-do lists? How can we effectively motivate ourselves to keep going and be responsible for the fulfillment of our goals? We learned......

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Apr 2017
Build Your Business on the side the afropreneur

Not everyone is capable of building a business on the side because, let’s be honest — it’s so damn hard. People fail at building a business when they’re working on it full time, so imagine how difficult it is when you’re doing it on the side.