Mar 2017
Our breakdown of Startup Grind Lagos' February Meetup with Nimi Akinkugbe and Muyiwa Oludayo

Startup grind has managed to break a norm that is often associated with most entrepreneurship events held in Nigeria. The event kicked-off on time and more impressive, guests and our guest speakers arrived on time which I suppose is fitting considering that our featured talk was on Time Management. In typical Startup Grind fashion we started with our Ice Breaker question to help ease the guest into the event. Discussing the difference between Businessmen and Entrepreneurs we had the following opinions: Entrepreneurs are passion driven while businessmen are more......

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Jun 2016
Lemi Ghariokwu & Fela's Entrepreneurship Lesson

I had heard of all the things Lemi had done and I expected to see a different man, anything else but the man I saw. He was humble, playful and above all, a storyteller. He reminded me of Nike Okundaye. That woman is amazing. Lemi smiled and laughed effortlessly. He spoke with passion and enthusiasm. He told me many stories about his life. The particular story that stood out for me is the one I am about to share. In 1974, Lemi’s destiny was changed because he took advantage......

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