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    January 26, 2017 at 11:34 am #8414

    Forum Rules

    – Do not SPAM the forum

    – Use common sense and keep it clean

    – Treat other members with respect and courtesy, whether or not you agree with them

    – Any offensive behavior will result in an instant ban

    – The Administrator’s word is final



    Do NOT bump threads excessively

    Use Correct Prefixes when required and don’t overdo it.

    Only post original articles or interviews.

    You may post excerpts of published articles by other authors if you comply with Fair Use laws. The excerpt must be clearly a quote, of one to three paragraphs maximum, and you must give full credit to the original author and a link back to the original source.



    In general, linking to your own site would be viewed as advertising or self-promotion. Referral Links ARE allowed but do not over do it.

    Do NOT use shortened URLs! Our members have a right to know where they are going before clicking on a link, if only to be sure it doesn’t point to a malware site. This includes your signature.


    Email Addresses

    Do not post email addresses on the forum. This just opens you up for email harvesting and providers a risk to our members.

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