Ep10: The role of Visuals in Business

Ep10: The role of Visuals in Business

Statistics shows that 10 percent of people remember what they read; 20 percent what they hear; 30 percent what they see; and remember 50 percent of what they see and hear.

Everyone involved in business should ensure that the Visuals portraying their business, products or service must be of good quality.

We also had Anny Roberts (@BeardedCoquet), who is an amazing photographer, talk to us about his business, photography and how important it is to get your Visuals right.

Here are key takeaways from this episode:

  • Good visuals shape customer perception.
  • Visuals are more than just the pictures, get your fonts and colours right.
  • Ensure that your visuals are relatable to your target market.
  • The quality of your visuals cannot be over emphasized

Listen to the podcast as we share more points below:

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