Ep12: Standing Out, Conversation with Victoria Mbabazi

Ep12: Standing Out, Conversation with Victoria Mbabazi

Hello Afroprenuers,

As a sequel to our last week’s discussion on ‘Creating Opportunites‘ we had a lovely conversation with Victoria Mbabazi, you can read all about her here.

There were a lot of learning points from our discussions with Victoria that we decided to record this episode differently. This podcast will be more of Victoria speaking and less of us. 😀

Standing out as an Entrepreneur, a Business and as with anything else takes deliberate and continuous effort.

Below are some of the key learning points from this podcast:

  1. It’s less about what you know or your product features, it’s about the appearance and presentation
  2. Being an entreprener is primarily about how you manage expectations and how you use resources around you to achieve your goals
  3. The values and the character you have will earn you respect from your clients

Listen to more learning points below:

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