Ep31: Startup Grind’s Meetup with Audu Maikori

Ep31: Startup Grind's Meetup with Audu Maikori

Hi Afropreneurs,

Last weekend was quite interesting for us, first we hosted Audu Maikori at our Monthly Startup Grind Lagos Meetup and I joined my first book reading club (I noticed I don’t read anymore).

Audu Maikori is not just a lawyer, he is an entrepreneur that changed the terrain of the music industry in Nigeria.

Unfortunately, we can’t give you all the full text/audio of our chat with him but we can share some snippets that will no doubt be beneficial to you.

Here are some noteworthy points he made in our discussion:

  • Where there’s a problem, there’s a money making possibility/venture
  • With every failure you have an opportunity to be better
  • You succeed because of what you believe in despite what people say. There is always a reason you can fail
  • People want to start from the top floor, rather than from the foundation. Scale step by step
  • Dress for the occasion, do not be cliche in the way you look.
  • Failures are blessings in disguise, sometimes we rush to do things that we are not ready for

There is a whole lot more of all he said in the clip below:

Click to Download

See some tweets from the event below:


Always remember that your failure do not determine how far you will go.

Be Awesome!!

~Uwem & Blessing


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