Ep35: Grinding from Scratch with Chris Kwekowe

Ep35: Grinding from Scratch with Chris Kwekowe

Hi Everyone,

This week we had the honour of speaking to a talented young Entrepreneur making waves in Nigeria, we jokingly called him the Mark Zukerberg of Africa.

I’m sure you are wondering who this is? He is Chris Kwekowe, CEO of Slatecube. Chris is an interesting young fellow whose entrepreneurial journey is filled with lessons for the everyday African Entrepreneur.

One quote from him that got me thinking was that on Passion and how passion is never enough.

Passion is a feeling, and as every other feeling it diffuses away when you don't get results. Success (no matter how small) drive passion.

Chris Kwekowe CEO, Slatecube

Chris, who started the parent company – microbold, at age 18, is also MIT and Harvard trained. He is passionate about technology and the average African youth.

His venture, Slatecube, aims at developing young African talents into world class professionals for today’s distributed workforce. He’s shared this model with the likes of US President Barack Obama, Bill Gates, and across several continents and countries within the last 2 years.

We have made snippets of our chat with him available below. However, the full audio clip will be available for sale in a week.

Listen below:


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