Ep43: The Importance of Rest to Entrepreneurs ft Chiamaka Obuekwe

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Entrepreneurs seldom find time to rest and it’s quite understandable because to succeed in this part of the world you need full dedication to your business. The endless obligations and drive to reach our set targets so as to keep the business alive makes us ignore our health. However, rest is important.

The lack of ‘downtime’ can impact negatively on your performance and ultimately your business. How?

Once stress creeps in, optimism drops, you become tired incessantly and your general enthusiasm takes a nose dive. Not to talk of the health issues that may result from this.

Finding the ‘right’ balance can be rather though too because we often don’t trust that others will handle our business with the same dedication, standard and vigour we do.

It is imperative that we, entrepreneurs, find a balance between work and life. It can’t be work, work, work (in Rihanna’s voice). You must find time to take a break from work.

This week we spoke to the delectable Chiamaka Obuekwe, the CEO of Social Prefect Travel and Tours. She tells us her journey to succeeding as a fast rising startup in the Nigerian tourism industry. She shares some insight about the benefit of travel and rest to entrepreneurs zooming in on the great networking opportunity it presents. We enjoyed our time with her and a major takeaway was the advice to our budding entrepreneurs on the importance of rest, tours, vacation and more.

Listen to our conversation below:


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In case you missed it, last week we discussed Business Model Canvas vs. Business Plan. An interesting topic that focused on weighing the value of each document and their importance.

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