Ep7: Dear Entrepreneur, Start Now!!!

Ep7: Dear Entrepreneur, Start Now!!!

Hello Afropreneur,

We all know that the perfect world doesn’t exist and even much so in our continent Africa. We often make the mistake of waiting to have the ideal conditions before we start working on an idea/service/solution.

Eventually, a lot of the ideas become obsolete and lose relevance with the times and trends in the market. You also run the risk of someone else working on that solution you thought of and then the realization that Ideas are not exclusive dawns on you.

The CEO of Retrocode, Cohan Nnanta (read about him here) spoke to us about his entrepreneurial journey. How he started with what he had to get him to where he is now.

You can’t be an entrepreneur in your head, you need to have a visible product or service to be called an entrepreneur. Your idea is nothing without action. So are you an entrepreneur or a ‘mouthpreneur’?

Decide after listening to this

This is the longest interview we’ve ever had but it was totally worth it. Don’t let the length dissuade you from learning vital lessons to ease your entrepreneurial journey.

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Make the execution of your idea your first passion, not money

Cohan Nnanta


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