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Aug 2017
Money vs Network Afropreneur Podcast Entrepreneurs Africa

What is most important to the budding entrepreneur, money or network? I’m sure a lot of people will scream money! What is a business without capital to run it? Especially with the fact that the African Entrepreneurs is the ‘government’ to him/herself. He/She has to provide power, water, pay premium for rent etc I bet that if we conduct a poll, we will get differing views. We think that your Network is very important too! There’s a saying that goes – Your Network determines your Net Worth. 1. Your network can......

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Jul 2017
BMC-Business Plan Afropreneur POdcast Web

Driving home from one of Startup Grind Lagos’s meetup we had a discussion with one of the participating entrepreneurs which evolved into an interesting argument and now, an Afropreneur topic: Business Model Canvas vs Business Plan. Why do we need business plans? Why not stick with a Business Model Canvas (BMC)? When should Business plans be drafted? Who needs to see the business plan? So what is the difference between a BMC and a Business Plan? The difference is the level of detail! A business plan can reach up......

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Mar 2017
fail proof business ideas afropreneur

Starting a successful business is hard, but let’s not presume that entrepreneurship itself is intrinsically riskier than other things that popular culture deems as “acceptable.” You’ll never be able to completely avoid risk, either in your personal or professional life, but you can mitigate it significantly by having a solid game plan in place. A proven system is needed to help you determine which ideas are worth pursuing so that you don’t become a statistic of America, Inc. You want to be as certain as possible that your business will......

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