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Mar 2017
Our breakdown of Startup Grind Lagos' February Meetup with Nimi Akinkugbe and Muyiwa Oludayo

Startup grind has managed to break a norm that is often associated with most entrepreneurship events held in Nigeria. The event kicked-off on time and more impressive, guests and our guest speakers arrived on time which I suppose is fitting considering that our featured talk was on Time Management. In typical Startup Grind fashion we started with our Ice Breaker question to help ease the guest into the event. Discussing the difference between Businessmen and Entrepreneurs we had the following opinions: Entrepreneurs are passion driven while businessmen are more......

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Sep 2016
Africa’s Next Greatest Goldmine: Youth Entrepreneurs

Lack of employment opportunities for young people has a significant hindrance to developing sub-Saharan Africa. Entrepreneurship is undoubtedly the greatest way to build prosperity and the only vehicle that can create true wealth, employment and ownership. As the most important vehicle for economic growth, there is little known about how best to support youth entrepreneurship. As Youthia, we propose the Youthia Model that outlines four core tenets that will radically disrupt the level playing field for the greater good. The Youthia Model focuses on four core priorities – namely......

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Jul 2016
Herbert Nderezina, Tackling Africa’s power problem through Renewable energy

Herbert Nderezina is a young Zimbabwean based in the Republic of South Africa. He is determined to solve the energy crisis in Africa through renewable energy innovations. Herbert’s passion for solar stems from concerns about climate change and the belief that solar represents the most practical path to sustainable energy production. Herbert, who was part of the very first season of Dragon’s Den South Africa in 2014, this is a television show where entrepreneurs pitch their ideas/innovations in return for an equity cash investment. He pitched his very first......

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