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Jan 2017
Introducing Ayissi, One of Africa's most creative Fashion designer

We would love to introduce you to Ayissi Nga Jospeh-Marie, creator of the Brand Wazal! Ayissi has just announced his new collection for 2017 called “Ova Tété” This collection is inspired by a Cameroonian slang ‘ova’ which means bigger and noble person. And Tété which refers to chic and bourgeois. In addition, the word chic here is used to describe the amazing and modern appearance of the clothings. Meaning those who patronize him have good taste. The materials used in this collection are of the best quality, including first choice wax......

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Jul 2016
Cohan Nnanta

In February 2015, a young man was armed with just a Twitter account, an Instagram account, and an eye for vintage classy designs. In spite of the odds, he used these weapons to start his vintage fashion business. Today he is one of the fastest selling vintage clothing retailers in Nigeria. That young man is Cohan Nnanta Meet Cohan Nnanta (@Cohannnn), the CEO, Creative officer and Marketing Manager of Retrocode. Retrocode is a vintage /retro clothing brand that bridges the gap between fashion from the past and contemporary fashion.......

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