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Feb 2017
How to Build a Startup as a Non-Tech Founder

Startups and innovative technology have become so synonymous with one another, that many people now think that you can’t create one without the other. And while it is necessary to have an understanding of the technology that you’re building, you actually don’t need to be a developer or engineer or computer scientist to launch an impactful company. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to launch a tech startup but doesn’t have much tech experience, this blog post will give you the wisdom you need to build your dream......

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Jan 2017
What's your watch word for 2017?, Words from the Founder

Happy New Year!!! There’s been a lot of talk during recent days, in the press and on social media, about how awful 2016 was. On a political level, there were random changes that brought the Political unrest In Gambia, Democratic Republic of Congo and Ethiopa, the social unrest in South Africa, and the credit crunch in Nigeria. There were terrorist attacks in Nigeria while the situation in Somalia and Sudan remains bleak. But this perspective is by no means the whole story. We also witnessed extraordinary feats and accomplishments......

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