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Dec 2016
Caesar Vulley, The Ghanian Social Entrepreneur with the passion for Africa

Born and raised in Ghana, West Africa, Caesar a Social Entrepreneur with a passion for improving health, supporting education, and alleviating poverty. He is  a proud Bucknell University alumnus and the founding president of Nested Savings, a nonprofit organization working to alleviate poverty in Africa via the execution of environmentally friendly initiatives that build economically resilient communities. The Nested Savings program  trains families in northern Uganda to keep chickens for egg production and provides a marketplace where they can exchange those eggs for income. The project aims at building......

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Sep 2016
Yusufa Sey, democratizing access to genetic information

Yusufa Sey is a Gambian entrepreneur now living in Denmark. He is a serial idea generator and business developer. His never say die attitude has made him delve into businesses ranging from starting an Agro-Forestry export company in West Africa, to facilitating deals on behalf of of Chinese investors in West Africa. His belief in a future where people have access to understanding their genetic predispositions towards things like sports injuries, their muscle recovery time, their unique stamina profiles led him to start a company called AthGene. The startup......

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