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Feb 2017
George Neequaye

George Sylvanus Niikoi Neequaye, George Neequaye for short, is a Ghanaian serial entrepreneur with a big heart! He believes his goal on earth is to make life better for people. People who by no choice of theirs do not have a life they deserve. As a result, he became a social entrepreneur. Love is one of his guiding principles. Together with love, his talent of aestheticism through design and technology, he has touched numerous lives. George is a Designer (Experience Design, Interaction Design and Graphic Design), a Social Entrepreneur, a......

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Dec 2016
Caesar Vulley, The Ghanian Social Entrepreneur with the passion for Africa

Born and raised in Ghana, West Africa, Caesar a Social Entrepreneur with a passion for improving health, supporting education, and alleviating poverty. He is  a proud Bucknell University alumnus and the founding president of Nested Savings, a nonprofit organization working to alleviate poverty in Africa via the execution of environmentally friendly initiatives that build economically resilient communities. The Nested Savings program  trains families in northern Uganda to keep chickens for egg production and provides a marketplace where they can exchange those eggs for income. The project aims at building......

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Nov 2016
Young entrepreneurs in West Africa partner the Commonwealth to redefine the African single story

From October 25-27, 2016, young entrepreneurs from the Commonwealth countries of Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone gathered at the Ford Foundation in Lagos, Nigeria, to discuss the challenges facing young entrepreneurs in West Africa, and work towards the creation of the Commonwealth Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs-West Africa (CAYE-WA). Within the Commonwealth, there have been concerted efforts by various leadership bodies to encourage youth entrepreneurship. The Secretariat has supported the creation of Commonwealth Alliances of Young Entrepreneurs, starting with Asia in November 2011, which has now spun off into......

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