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Jun 2017
sTARTUP gRIND LAGOS pradeep palhawani-Afropreneur POdcast Web

Startup Grind Lagos celebrated her Female Entrepreneur/Founder month and it was so much fun. Three amazing personalities were hosted. They shared their experiences with the participating entrepreneurs. These personalities were Olatorera Oniru (a passionate African entrepreneur who we have had on our show before. You can listen to that episode here), Abimbola Adebakin and Pradeep Pahalwani. The meetup was very insightful and engaging. Different topical issues were discussed. Most of the conversations addressed life issues and challenges faced by entrepreneurs. Gender issues were also addressed. You missed, if you were......

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Apr 2017

Hi Afropreneur, This week we had the honor of speaking to a talented young entrepreneur making waves in Nigeria, we jokingly called him the Mark Zukerberg of Africa. I’m sure you are wondering who this is? He is Chris Kwekowe, CEO of Slatecube. Chris is an interesting young man whose entrepreneurial journey is filled with lessons for the everyday African Entrepreneur. One quote from him that got me thinking was that on Passion and how passion is never enough. Chris, who started the parent company – microbold, at age......

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Mar 2017
RETHINKING YOUR VALUE PROPOSITION Edidiong Uwemakpan The Afropreneur

When designing a Business Model for a startup or any business at all,   a “Value Proposition” is an essential element. This Value Proposition is combination of products, services, information or experiences offered to a market to satisfy a need or want. Successfully creating a differentiated Value Proposition, ensure it is successful. This is what has made Uber, Airbnb, Apple, Amazon and similar companies great. Over time, we have been taught to innovate by improving on products in the market, or creatively coming up with a new one. We’ve......

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