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Sep 2017
7 Ways to Make Networking your Superpower

I was a guest speaker at an entrepreneurship event on Saturday and I asked the entrepreneurs a question: “Your Funding or Your Network, which is more important?” I would not answer the question now. I will let you decide at the end of this article. Steve Jobs and Steve Woz met a long time ago. Woz was the guy who liked to piece things together to make new stuff for fun. Jobs on the other hand was an innate brand conscious entrepreneur. The two met and created a product.......

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Jan 2017
Make money for free - The Afropreneur

This title sounds a bit misleading, because nothing worthwhile comes easy, but down the next lines you’d be glad you read it . This is not one of those get rich schemes, it is not online magic, pyramid schemes or MMM (the new craze in Nigeria). I was invited to deliver a keynote speech at the First Africa Startup Digital Accelerator last week and while preparing I realized how lots of people have great ideas but are still broke. It’s not just entrepreneurs, it applies to corporate workers, leaders......

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