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Jan 2017
tax guide

Do you need a tax guide? Do you feel overwhelmed by the numerous taxes you need to pay? Are you in need of clarification? You might have even missed or mixed up the due dates for filing and remitting the returns, thus incurring severe penalties. We have put together a simple guide to provide the most basic information you need. to have handy with respect to the various taxes. This however does not replace the need for professional advice. Tax matters may often require different interpretations and application. All......

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Nov 2016
Young entrepreneurs in West Africa partner the Commonwealth to redefine the African single story

From October 25-27, 2016, young entrepreneurs from the Commonwealth countries of Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone gathered at the Ford Foundation in Lagos, Nigeria, to discuss the challenges facing young entrepreneurs in West Africa, and work towards the creation of the Commonwealth Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs-West Africa (CAYE-WA). Within the Commonwealth, there have been concerted efforts by various leadership bodies to encourage youth entrepreneurship. The Secretariat has supported the creation of Commonwealth Alliances of Young Entrepreneurs, starting with Asia in November 2011, which has now spun off into......

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Jul 2016
Cohan Nnanta

In February 2015, a young man was armed with just a Twitter account, an Instagram account, and an eye for vintage classy designs. In spite of the odds, he used these weapons to start his vintage fashion business. Today he is one of the fastest selling vintage clothing retailers in Nigeria. That young man is Cohan Nnanta Meet Cohan Nnanta (@Cohannnn), the CEO, Creative officer and Marketing Manager of Retrocode. Retrocode is a vintage /retro clothing brand that bridges the gap between fashion from the past and contemporary fashion.......

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