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Jan 2017
Make money for free - The Afropreneur

This title sounds a bit misleading, because nothing worthwhile comes easy, but down the next lines you’d be glad you read it . This is not one of those get rich schemes, it is not online magic, pyramid schemes or MMM (the new craze in Nigeria). I was invited to deliver a keynote speech at the First Africa Startup Digital Accelerator last week and while preparing I realized how lots of people have great ideas but are still broke. It’s not just entrepreneurs, it applies to corporate workers, leaders......

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Aug 2016
Ep8: The Value in Learning to Pitch

Dear Afropreneurs, This week has been a really busy week but Afropreneurs do not quit or make excuses do they? We had to make out time and record the interview with our Guest, Herbert Nderezina, in the car! Here’s a short profile on Herbert, Click here to read about him. Today’s topic is centered around ‘Pitching’. Pitching is the attempt to convince a potential investor or customer that your idea/business is worth investing in. Why do we think learning how to Pitch is important to ALL African entrepreneurs? Its simple, if......

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Jul 2016
EP4: Should Entrepreneurs share their business ideas with everyone? Conversation with Momarr Taal

Hello Afropreneurs, Do you think it is wise for Entrepreneurs to share their business ideas with everyone? Hold that thought! You should hear what Momarr Taal had to say about this. (In case you don’t know who he is, we did a short article on him – Click here) We are all for sharing your ideas, but that does not come with its risks. What then are the benefits of sharing your ideas? Sharing ideas raise your creativity and learning from the feedback you get. Sharing your ideas help......

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