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Aug 2017
To-Do Accountability sheet

To guard against procrastination and effectively manage your time, planning is key. This is why we write To-Do lists. It helps us navigate through the day and keeps us aware of the tasks for the day. This helps us take small steps to achieve bigger goals. You can learn how to set goals here. However, how can we be accountable for taking actions in line with our to-do lists? How can we effectively motivate ourselves to keep going and be responsible for the fulfillment of our goals? We learned......

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Feb 2017
George Neequaye

George Sylvanus Niikoi Neequaye, George Neequaye for short, is a Ghanaian serial entrepreneur with a big heart! He believes his goal on earth is to make life better for people. People who by no choice of theirs do not have a life they deserve. As a result, he became a social entrepreneur. Love is one of his guiding principles. Together with love, his talent of aestheticism through design and technology, he has touched numerous lives. George is a Designer (Experience Design, Interaction Design and Graphic Design), a Social Entrepreneur, a......

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Jan 2017
Meet Olatorera Oniru, intent on Building an Online Fashion Empire

Olatorera Oniru is an assiduous entrepreneur passionate about all things Africa. As CEO of Dressmeoutlet.com, she is currently leading initiatives to realize a pinnacle in Africa’s history whereby we would rely less on importation and innovate more with natural resources and citizenry capabilities. As a member of The National Scholars Honor Society USA, Olatorera flourished her career working for two Fortune Top 5 companies namely Bank of America Merrill Lynch and General Electric. She also worked for one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies, Lars Magnus Ericsson, as a......

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