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Sep 2017
7 Ways to Make Networking your Superpower

I was a guest speaker at an entrepreneurship event on Saturday and I asked the entrepreneurs a question: “Your Funding or Your Network, which is more important?” I would not answer the question now. I will let you decide at the end of this article. Steve Jobs and Steve Woz met a long time ago. Woz was the guy who liked to piece things together to make new stuff for fun. Jobs on the other hand was an innate brand conscious entrepreneur. The two met and created a product.......

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Aug 2017
To-Do Accountability sheet

To guard against procrastination and effectively manage your time, planning is key. This is why we write To-Do lists. It helps us navigate through the day and keeps us aware of the tasks for the day. This helps us take small steps to achieve bigger goals. You can learn how to set goals here. However, how can we be accountable for taking actions in line with our to-do lists? How can we effectively motivate ourselves to keep going and be responsible for the fulfillment of our goals? We learned......

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Oct 2016
Ep19: Productivity hacks for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are hard pressed for time especially those with growing businesses. Working hard doesn’t necessarily mean productivity! The goal of every Entrepreneur is to be efficient and effective with the limited resources available to bring about optimal output in good and services. Here are some of the talking points of our conversation below: Have a detailed plan Place you goals in order of priority, use the 80:20 rule Be early for meetings Keep meetings as short as possible, have a clear agenda. Get some sleep, at least 4 hours......

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