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Jul 2018
Ep53: What they do not tell you about Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship to many people is an escape from the 9-5 life. It creates a door to “freedom” especially as people feel like they are their own boss. Many quotes and founder stories give the impression that as an entrepreneur you get to call the shots, e.g. You can wake up whenever you like Choose when you want to go on a vacay Decide what days should be public holidays Make your own rules Make so much money and control that money Live above the “9-5 rules” and many more......

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Feb 2018
Ep52: Failure, the requirement for Success

Who likes to fail? Surely no one I know. Besides, failure is an integral part of our journey as entrepreneurs, why then do we run away from it (I am not saying we should aim to fail)? We believe there is a lot we can learn from failures, ours and other people's failures. We had a chat with Chude Jideonwo, and he shared his success and failure stories.