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Apr 2017
Yvette Ondachi-Eradicating - Poverty-Afropreneur POdcast Web

Hello Afropreneurs, Entrepreneurship can be hard, yes we said it, really hard! Especially with the socio-economic problems we face in our continent. However, solutions lie where challenges exist! We believe the key to reducing poverty in our continent is through encouraging and promoting Entrepreneurship and small businesses. According to a report by National Bureau of Statisitics, at least 112 million Nigerians now live below poverty. This accounts for about 67 percent of the total population. The level marked as global poor is on the one billion mark and Nigeria accounts......

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Jul 2016
Women Entrepreneurs in Africa

Hello Afropreneurs, In this episode we discussed if women Entrepreneurs are being given an equal playing field in Africa and what they must do to compete and standout in this episode. We decided to discuss this because one of our listeners, Stella Ozemoya, suggested and sent us an article on ‘Women Empowerment’. You can read it here. We also mentioned Engr. Oduwa in this podcast, she is the CEO of Neni Auto Care, you can read all about her here. It is general knowledge that women in Africa feel......

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