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Meet Mathus Lawson, using Geolocation to improve access in Benin

mathus lawson

Mathus Lawson is a dynamic and eccentric entrepreneur who recently sprung up in Benin.

Mathus is a software developer. He identified the problem of easily locating good, services and places. Then, he solved it. He then proceeded to build Beninlogis. It is a location-based platform that enables citizens in Benin search for properties, services or products easily locate them virtually.

Using Beninlogis is quite easy. The site includes a list of industries (agribusiness, commerce, shopping, culture, vents, restaurants, hotels, real estate etc.).  For example, If you select restaurants, the map automatically updates and displays all the restaurants there are in our database. Interested in a Cotonois restaurant? Select Cotonou. The platform displays a map with restaurants that are there and you can go, ” says Mathus Lawson. The user can also refine the search by specifying for instance the neighborhood where he wants to find his restaurant. For homes and offices, advanced search allows you to specify not only the desired location for the property, but also its size (number of rooms).

Subscription to Beninlogis has grown to 16,000 users and 7,000 visits per month.

Finally, listen to the podcast with Mathus Lawson here.



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