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Make More Money for Free (Yeah, you read it right)

Uwem January 18, 2017 24

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This title sounds a bit misleading, because nothing worthwhile comes easy, but down the next lines you’d be glad you read it . This is not one of those get rich schemes, it is not online magic, pyramid schemes or MMM (the new craze in Nigeria).

I was invited to deliver a keynote speech at the First Africa Startup Digital Accelerator last week and while preparing I realized how lots of people have great ideas but are still broke. It’s not just entrepreneurs, it applies to corporate workers, leaders and individuals generally. Every idea you have can earn you money, even if it is a copied idea. The issue is: How do you sell yourself, ideas and business?

As African children, we grew up pitching for the money we wanted. We had to be first position in class, do house chores, explain what you needed money for, do a serious project defence for just 200 naira!! In summary, we were forced to be sales people in one way or the other. We’ve been groomed for this unconsciously all our lives. It is a skill and we can develop it. It’s in you.

At every point of life and business, you have to sell yourself, your idea and business; Be it a job interview, politics, leadership role, sales etc.; You have to pitch. Sometimes within one minute, an hour or a whole day, directly or indirectly.

You should not be afraid to share your idea or pitch to anyone*, because the more you do, the better you become. Practice makes perfect.

So how can you pull this off and keep your bank account smiling?

These are the major keys (in DJ Khalid’s voice):
  1. What is the problem? (the why?)
  2. Who does it affect? (the who?)
  3. What is your solution? (the how?)
  4. How do you plan to implement it?
  5. How do you make money and what value does your investor get?

If you cannot articulate your idea using the keys listed above then you probably will fail at garnering the necessary attention to make that idea or vision a reality.

It is important to note that EVERY investor is interested in knowing what he/she is getting back as value for trusting in you, and the onus lies on you to show it.

Finally, if you like to improve your pitching skills, the Afropreneur Network is organising a Pitchdeck Workshop. Register here. (Nigeria Only)

*You should also listen to ‘Should Entrepreneurs Share their Ideas with Everyone? and The Value in Learning to Pitch‘. Click to listen

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