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Ep44: Money Vs Network

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What is most important to the budding entrepreneur, money or network?

I’m sure a lot of people will scream money! What is a business without capital to run it? Especially with the fact that the African Entrepreneurs is the ‘government’ to him/herself. He/She has to provide power, water, pay premium for rent etc

I bet that if we conduct a poll, we will get differing views. [highlight1]Vote below:[/highlight1]

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We think that your Network is very important too! There’s a saying that goes – Your Network determines your Net Worth. 1. Your network can connect you to those people that will fund your business, open doors to new opportunities, give referrals and a whole lot more.

Using two of Nigeria’s top Musicians as example we attempted to explain which is more important to the Entrepreneur.

Listen to our conversation below:

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