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Ep45: Business Lessons from Game of Thrones

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Dear Entrepreneur,

This week we decided to explore the business lessons from the most unlikely source – Game of ThronesGame of Thrones, the fantasy series on HBO, is a drama series that is mostly about loyalty and conflict resolution. With such an amazing story line of power, love and wars, it is difficult to ignore the leadership and business lessons embedded in it. So we decided to share some amazing tips with you to help grow your business, increase conversion and earn the loyalty of your customers. If you wield these tips well, you will definitely increase your sales and establish your place as a thought leader.

This may not be the first or last article/podcast you will listen about GOT but it will be worth your time as we have detailed the lessons that will help every entrepreneur grow.

Disclaimer: We tried to ensure there were no spoilers, however we are not promising anything. There may be spoilers. You listen at your own risk but you are a risk taker so we are sure you can handle it 😉

Here are key takeaways from this podcast:

More lessons are embedded in the podcast.

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