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Ep62: Business Lessons from Lion Heart

There is so much buzz about Lion Heart – the first Netflix original film produced in Nigeria, and directed by Nollywood actress, Genevieve Nnaji. While the movie was such a breadth of fresh air, we decided to pick business lessons from it (just like we did with Game of Thrones).

Here are some lessons we learned from Lion Heart:

  1. Collaboration! it is better to own a bit of something then all of nothing
  2. Learn to harness the power of negotiation
  3. Don’t run your business in isolation, institute a corporate governance structure for your business.
  4. Have a succession plan, train your staff!
  5. Be open to learning, and building your credibility. See difficulties as opportunities to build credibility.
  6. Believe in yourself. When people don’t believe in you, don’t get angry and make enemies of them, revenge by being successful. Your work will speak for you.
  7. Don’t change the essence of your business (brand promise) even when faced with difficulties.
  8. Listen, listen, listen!! Listen to your customers, listen to your staff.
  9. A contract should not be considered sealed based on word of mouth or promises.
  10. Learn to pitch, and sell yourself convincingly.
  11. Get your hands dirty. Business goes beyond sitting in the office to do paperwork
  12. Be kind.
  13. You do not need accept all investments offered to you.

Listen to these and more in the audio below:
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